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There will be a programme of talks in 2022



Talks take place on the first Friday evening of every alternate month. (Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec.)


They are held at the The Methodist Church Hall , starting at 7.30pm prompt and finishing about 9.00pm


These talks are free to members.Non-members are welcome on payment of £1. If you would like to join please visit the Joining Us page.


Please contact Mrs Christine Huxley for additional information.



Programme for 2022





4th February 2022 Mervyn Edwards

Cranks, Characters and Queer Fish of North Staffordshire

1st April 2022

Stuart Haywood (of the Welsh Society of North Staffordshire) 

The speaker, Stuart Haywood, has been promoting his recent book (The Welsh in North Staffordshire) on various English & Welsh facebook pages. What he didnít expect was for a lady in Australia to contact him regarding an ancestor that had migrated from Anglesey to Hanley, Elias Hughes. She is a direct descendent of a cousin of Elias who was also from Anglesey. She carried out an Object Biography as part of a genealogy course and the object chosen was a moustache cup which links the two cousins. This presentation compares the lives of the two cousins and is based on the joint research by Stuart and his Australian contact. 

The Story of a Moustache Cup  


27th May 2022

Haydn Thomas

Crewe and Nantwich Metal Detecting Society  

"Raising Money for Good Causes in the Community - An Introduction to Crewe & Nantwich Metal Detecting Society"


5th August 2022 Michael Eardley Eve and the Audleys
7th October 2022

Philip Morgan

Philip Morgan lives in Audley, and for over 35 years taught medieval history and local history at Keele University’ 

"A Saint and a Sinner from Medieval Audley". Two lives compared Ė one the subject of a Wordsworth sonnet the other haunted by his role in a murder.
25th Novenber 2022 Philip Leese TBA


Old Talks






3rd February 2017

Andrew Dobraszczyc

A Social History of Apedale Hall Gardens

7th April 2017 Paul Anderton Local responses to Napoleon’s plans 1803-14: opening a new source for family and local historians. 
2nd June 2017 Andy Fear Blood and Sand:Gladiators in the Roman Empire
4th August 2017 Philip R. Leese Miners Lives; Social Life of Mining Villages in the 19th & 20th Centuries
6th October 2017 Tim Coltman The Story of Two Crosses - a presentation on the life of William Coltman VC as told by his great grandson.
1st December 2017 Philip Astley Staffordshire University Project "Philip Astley"
2nd February 2018 Dr Robin Stud Potters and the Abolition of the Slave Trade
6th April 2018 Julie Bagnall What to Do with 323 Post Cards ?
1st June 2018 Mervyn Edwards Potteries Parks
3rd August 2018 J Eardley Letter from Poitou - The Remarkable Story of a Medieval Audley Woman
5th October 2018 Steve Booth The Lost Treasure of Stone - the Mystery of the Unique Privy Seal
7th December 2018 Dr Chris Harrison A Baronial Household in The Age of Elizabeth
1st February 2019 Philip Leese
"Local People are History or Local Places in History ? Which Side are You On ?"
5th April 2019 Mervyn Edwards
The North Staffordshire Miner

7th June 2019 Peter Lead Early 18th CenturyAudley Entrepreneurs and The Spread of The Newcomen Steam Engine
2nd August 2019 Tony Bostock Place Names and Field Names: A source for local history.

(Names of towns and villages, and those of fields, hold clues to interpreting the past. In this talk the meanings of local names will be discussed and how they can assist in the understanding the local history of an area)

4th October 2019 Andrew Hunt - (Silverdale Country Park Ranger) Abandoned Colliery to Wildlife Haven



29th November 2019


note change of date

Graham Dodd

A Crewe Factory Girl – the life of Ada Nield Chew


(The story of Ada Nield who came to prominence locally when she fought for improved conditions for those working in local clothing factories at the turn of the nineteenth century. She campaigned on behalf of the Labour movement, trades unions and for women’s suffrage before running her own business).

7thFebruary 2020 Steve Booth

The Golden Age of Stagecoaching   

3rd April 2020


Barbara Andrew

Fanny Deakin: The Silverdale campaigner.

Feminist, Communist, councillor and Alderman  who was a the champion of the local working class for 50 years   

5th June 2020


Jim Worgan and Lloyd Boardman

Coal Mining in North Staffordshire at the time of the Diglake Disaster 1895   

7th August 2020


Mervyn Edwards

Cranks, Characters and Queer Fish of North Staffordshire

2nd October 2020


Tony Bostock

My Genealogical Journey.

An account of Tony’s researches into the Bostock name conducted over many decades. The talk covers the methods used along with the problems encountered. This is an interesting and amusing talk from which family historians might gather some ideas for themselves.