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Databases (UK)

1.Staffordshire Parish Registers -Ellastone 1558-1812 - N. Staffs & Derbys. 1599-1906. Rugeley 1777-1929, Brereton 1869-1963

2. British Census -statistical summary

3. Wills - Perogative Court of Canterbury - Lichfield Diocese - Slaidburn & Bowland

4. The Great War -medal recipients - Casualties

Databases (NON-UK)

1.USA -Census summary - Social Security deaths 1962 - 2006


Wal(l)bank(s) Trees

This section contains family trees and other family information submitted by Wal(l)bank(s) researchers.

1. Nick Henry

My WALLBANK family had their Staffordshire roots in Abbots Bromley, although there is evidence that the family originally came from Lancashire and had only one 'L' in their surname. Thomas WALBANK was born in 1758 in Abbots Bromley, at the age of 20, in 1778, he married in Rugeley, a girl from Mavesyn Ridware called Ruth Rushton. It was a partnership that would eventually found a dynasty of WALLBANK’s in Cannock Chase. Some time after their marriage and before the birth of their first child in 1784, Thomas and Ruth WALBANK moved to what was then a village in north Staffordshire called Hednesford. It was from about this time that two ‘L’s were used in their surname because their surviving sons, Thomas and John, spelt their name as WALLBANK. Both Thomas and John WALLBANK would eventually marry two sisters from Tettenhall near Wolverhampton, their children and their children’s descendants would live in and around Hednesford until the present day. They would also spread far and wide, some, in time, traveled across the Atlantic to North America in search of a new life and brighter future. I am a direct descendant of John WALLBANK and Ann CHAPMAN and as such, am just one small part of what I have discovered to be a very large family with a unique heritage in Staffordshire. It is a lineage of which I am proud to be a part, and which is still flourishing today; many members of whom are still living in the Staffordshire town which has become synonymous with them: Hednesford. Like many of Staffordshire stock they are a tough tenacious breed who, as they say, can give as good as they get, and long may it remain so.

Nick Henry

January 2007

Nick Henry's Family Tree is here

A chart showing the descendants of Henry Walbank b. 1686 at Croston , Lancashire ( Nick Henry's 6GGF) may be downloaded from here.

The chart is in "Treedraw" file format. To view the chart file, download and install the free "Treedraw Viewer from the Spansoft website:
Download free TreeDraw viewer V3.02 (1.7Mb)

2. Ian Wallbank

My 8GGF Thomas Wallbank married Elizabeth Parratt in Ellastone , Staffordshire in 1620. All seven of their known children were baptised in Ellastone between 1624 and 1643, starting a line of Wallbanks which continued in Ellastone until the late 20th century. Although there is much to be learned about the Staffordshire Wallbanks, some time in the late 18th century several descendants of the Ellastone line migrated the short distance to the developing industrial conurbation of the Potteries. It is from one of these migrants that I am descended.

I do not know from where Thomas came, though it is likely that his ancestors originated in the Ribble Valley area of Lancashire. See here.

Ian Wallbank

January 2007

Ian Wallbank's full family tree is here.

A tree showing his Wallbank line from his 8GGF Thomas Wallbank is here.

A chart showing the descendants of Thomas Walbank ( Ian Wallbank's 8GGF) may be downloaded. from here.

The chart is in "Treedraw" file format. To view the chart file, download and install the free "Treedraw Viewer from the Spansoft website:
Download free TreeDraw viewer V3.02 (1.7Mb)

3.Nathaniel Walbank of Keighley


A Tree of the descendants of Nathaniel Walbank is here.

Geoff Marshall supplied this tree showing the descendants of his ancestor Nathaniel Walbank, a textile manufacturer of Keighley, Yorkshire in 1819. A brief biography of Nathaniel extracted from "Textile Manufacturers and other Industries in Keighley" , pub. 1879 is here.


A chart in Treedraw format is here.

To view the chart file, download and install the free "Treedraw Viewer from the Spansoft website:
Download free TreeDraw viewer V3.02 (1.7Mb)


Hard facts confirming Nathaniel's ancestors have alluded Geoff but during the course of his extensive research into Walbanks of Salterforth he has produced a compelling argument that Nathaniel's ancestors originated in Saltersforth in the parish of Barnoldswick.

The Salterforth Walbank line is here.


4. Eric Wallbank- North Staffordshire Wallbank

Eric is descended from the North Staffordshire Wallbanks, starting with Thomas Wallbank who married Elizabeth Parratt in Ellastone in 1620. (See Ian Wallbank line).

Eric's tree is here. (pdf format)

Leornard Wallbank,a Great War casualty, is on page 3 of Eric's tree.


5. Wallbank in Wirksworth, Debyshire.

Wirksworth is an ancient parish, with original registers dating from 1608.

Wallbank and variants re recorded from 1617, with the marriage of William Wallbank in 1617, to 1834, when Elizabeth Wallbank was buried. Between these dates the following variants are recorded:


Only descendants of William are recorded in the registers, suggesting that he may have been the first Wallbank in the parish, possibly arriving to marry his wife,Margaret. For a list of Wallbank and variants in the parish records, download the pdf file here. Download the descendant chart (pdf) here.

William's line appears to become extinct in Wirksworth in the late 1800's, the last of the line being Job Wallbank, born 1824. He appears in the 1841, 1851, 1861 and 1871 censuses in the household of George Bunting, his stepfather. A Wallbank family, headed by Thomas, a farmer,who was born in Ednaston, Brailsford parish, appears in the 1871 census. His son, also a farmer, is shown in the 1871-1901 censuses. The telephone book shows a Wallbank famer in the vicinity (Windley) in 2011

For pdf file of Wallbank and variants in Wirkworth censuses 1841-1901, go here.

Compiled by Ian Wallbank Feb 2011


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