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1.Staffordshire Parish Registers -Ellastone 1558-1812 - N. Staffs & Derbys. 1599-1906. Rugeley 1777-1929, Brereton 1869-1963

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Message sent by Richard Scott 7th October 2010

Wallbank , Oldham, Lancashire, 19C

Richard is looking for ancestors of Hartley Wallbank, born Oldham 1891.

Hartley Wallbank (sen) married Elizabeth E Sykes Q3 1914 Oldham

Hartley Wallbank (sen) b Q1 1891 Oldham

1901 census shows Hartley Wallbank aged 10 son of Joseph and Sarah Wallbank. Other children were Isaac, 9; John B, 7; Nancy A, 5; and Dorcas M, 3. James Mills, 25 bro. in law also present.

1911 census shows Hartley Wallbank aged 20 living in the same house as a Joseph Wallbank



Message sent by Jodie Williams 30 March 2010

Walbank, Egginton, Derbyshire, 18C.

I am currently working on my 7GGrandparents, William Walbank (d 1739) and Elinor Walbank (Eaton) All of their children were born in Egginton and during the same time there was a Simon (d 1684) who had children in Egginton as well as a John. While I am assuming these three are brothers, I cannot seem to find where these 3 gentlemen originate from as the closest entry to the 1672 date I can find is a marriage in 1592!

Does anyone, by any chance know of this line at all, or where they could have originated from?

Any help you could give me or direction you can point me in would be greatly appreciated as I am at a brick wall.


Jodie Williams


Message sent by Peter Walker 31st October 2009

Wallbank, Newcastle, Staffordshire, 1841


I am trying to trace my 3 x gt grandfather Daniel Wallbank, Daniel was not a popular name about the 1820’s and so it would appear to be fairly easy. My 2 X gt grandfather was John Walker and he married Sarah Wallbank at Wolstanton on 23rd Nov 1841. They were both living at Knutton Heath at the time, and later moved to 64 Hassal St. Newcastle and then to 27 Liverpool Rd, which I believe belonged to St. Georges Church as John was then Parish Clerk to St Georges . I have enclosed a picture of John's grave which is adjacent to the side door of the church. He is buried with 3 of his eleven children but not with Sarah who’s burial I have not established although in 1891 she was still at 27 Liverpool Rd with her son Albert. Daniel was described as a labourer on John and Sarah’s marriage certificate, Johns father is James Walker and his occupation was tailor. Incidently my great grandfather was Joshua Walker and he was born at 27 Liverpool rd. on15th Feb 1858. So after all this rambling,have you come across a Daniel Wallbank anywhere? 

Regards Pete Walker

click to enlarge



Message sent by Janis Wallbank August 2009

Wallbank, Australia.


Hello, I have been trying to do some research on our family name. I am
Janis Wallbank (born 1970 Melbourne, Victoria) I have 2 sisters and father Peter Wallbank (born 1948
Burnie Island ,Tasmania). My grandfather Bill Wallbank came from Victoria.
I don't know any details of our family history and would love to know as
there isn't many of us here in Australia.



Message sent by David Baxter 4th May 2009

Woabank, Briercliffe, 19C.


I have come across another variant of the Wallbank name in the Briercliffe/Extwistle area of Burnley. Lancashire.I have posted on the Briercliffe F H Site, where I take the name Ormers.

I too claim descent from William Wallbank and Grace Hindle. Elizabeth or Betty is my line via Henry Hartley, but her brother John [1790] who marries Sarah Harrison at Thornton in Craven 3 February 1817 is I believe subsequently named Woabank. There are no other Wallbanks in Briercliffe and there are of course several possible explanations for this corruption.

Best Wishes,David Baxter.

Link to the Briercliffe Society Forum:


Go to Wallbank Variants Page for more information



Message sent by Michael Synge 2th May 2009

Henry Walbank (1660-1737), Vicar of Maidford, Northants

I'm interested in learning more about Henry Walbank's antecedents.

Henry Walbank (1660-1737) was Vicar of Maidford, Northants (H.I. Longden, Northants and Rutland Clergy from 1500 (1939) IV.1554). He was educated at Trinity College, Oxford, taking a BA in 1681 and an MA in 1684, his father being Samuel Walbank of Wroxton, Oxon, gent (Alumni Oxonienses). He married Jane, daughter of Richard Tompson of Horley, Northants, esquire, and had issue.

Michael Synge (Michael@Synges.net)


Message sent by Jim Tilt 27th April 2009

H Wallbank, Sunderland 1944

I`m currently researching my family tree and came across this marriage (see certificate below) and wonder if anyone can relate to `H Wallbank`, or anyone else on the certificate (below) as I am having no luck in tracing Dennis or Mavis, or what happened to them after the war.

Dennis and Mavis were, I believe, attached to the heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery based at Leechmere, Sunderland, Co Durham (now Tyne & Wear)

Any help/information gratefully accepted.

Regards to all,

Jim (j.tilt@ntlworld.com)

marriage certificate


Message from Gaynor Wallbank 8th April 2009

Leicestershire, Rutland and Lincolnshire Wallbank

I have traced back my family tree to 1690 and they all seem to come from Leicestershire,Rutland and Lincolnshire. John Wallbanks married Elizabeth Manton c1690; their son John married Mary Shelton.

Gaynor Wallbank (8/4/09)


Gaynor has traced her Wallbank line to the late 1600s in the East Midlands and can find no earlier reference. I, also, have no earlier references to Wallbank in this area and assume the line was started by migrant(s) from Yorkshire. However, that assumption may be incorrect as the Staffordshire Wallbank line, which started at a similar time, may have an independant origin (my DNA is markedly different to the Yorkshie Wallbanks. However there is too little data to draw a definite conclusion. More DNA evidence would be very helpful). Ian Wallbank

Message from Phil Henderson 15 March 2009

Castleford and Coleshill Wallbank

Hello Ian,

I wonder if any of your Wallbank researchers could help.

I have traced the Castleford West Yorkshire Wallbank line back to Coleshill Warwickshire.At Coleshill the records show that Richard Wallbank (Walbank) was born 1758 (Worked out by taking his age at death from his year of death) His marriages, the first to Hopestill Barrell in 1785 and Elizabeth Hayward in 1787 are recorded as also are their deaths Richard 1804 Hopestill 1785 Elizabeth 1809. The Coleshill records have been searched but no record of his birth can be found. As the family were quite poor the children were sent as poor apprentices to, and started families at, Wolverhampton (Wednesbury) and Birmingham. I have now hit a brick wall. Do any of the researches have information on the place of birth and family of Richard.

Many thanks

Phil H



Message sent by Margaret Dean 10th January 2009

Margaret is looking for information on

Sarah Wallbank, b.1861 in Burslem , Staffordshire

I am the GGrandaughter of Sarah Ann Wallbank who married
George Dean b 1859 Tunstall.I think that Sarah Ann Wallbank's
father is Henry Wallbank and mother Sarah Concliff.
That is if I have the right birth certificate dated 29/9/1861
in Burslem Stoke on Trent.She is definitely called Sarah Ann
on my grandfather's birth certificate and signed her name with an x

Margaret Dean



Message sent by Terry White 5th December 2008

Sarah Wallbanks of Narborough, Leicestershire

My 4x gt grandmother was SARAH WALLBANKS or

She married my ancestor Joseph White in Narborough Leicestershire
on 25th Nov 1799. The Wallbanks name is used by successive generations,
especially in the case of Henry Wallbanks White of Southam Warwickshire,
as a middle name.The story in the family goes like this, as told by Henry Wallbanks White's
wife, Emma,in a letter to her daughter Gertrude:

"Great Grandmother was put into care of a home with the master and matron.
That went on for a time when evidently the money stopped beingpaid; she was turned into
the fields to pick up stones. Great Grandfather, who seems to have known her,found her crying,
and after her tale of woe, they decided to get married."

I don't know if this tale isn't apocryphal. But it's a lovely story.
Anyway, I would love to know more about her, and about her roots, but information may be
very hard to find if she was an orphan.

Terry White.



Message sent by Lynn Humphreys 3 December 2008

Lynn is seeking information on the following Wallbanks:

Manchester Times & Gazette , 13 September 1834

On the 21st ult at Preston Mrs Jane Wallbank widow of the late Mr Robert Wallbank of the same place.



Message sent by John Wallbank 30 October 2007

Wallbank of Chipping and Goosnargh, Lancashire

John lives in West Cumbria. His 2nd great grandfather was probably born in Chipping then moved to Goosnargh. His great grandfather left Goosnargh for Millom/Kirksanton in West Cumbria. He would like to hear from anyone with information on Wallbanks that originate from Chipping.

I am trying to trace my Wallbank ancestry but have come to a dead end with my great grandfather Robert Wallbank. I believe he was born in Goosnargh in Lancashire around 1852 and am told he was one of eleven children. He moved to west Cumbria after leaving school and settled in the Bootle/Millom area [he is shown on the 1871, 1881, 1891, censuses].He married Hannah Stafford in 1882 in Bootle, Cumbria. I cannot find any pre 1871 information on him and was wondering if you have ever been in contact with any Wallbank’s that originate from Goosnargh that might be able to help me. 

Follow up message sent by John Wallbank 1 December 2007

Since my last e-mail I found my great grandfather on the Goosnargh 1861 census but there was an ‘l’ missing from the spelling of Wallbank which is what threw me. He was also on the Goosnargh 1851 census aged 1 which makes his year of birth about 1850 and not 1852 as previously thought. His father [my great great grandfather] I have since found out was also called Robert and was born in Chipping, Lancashire in 1818 [I have come to another dead end and was wondering if you know any Wallbank’s with links to Chipping as I would love any information on any ancestors or brothers and sisters he may have had, feel free to put it on the website].Robert married a Mary Hebblethwaite [my great great grandmother] at St Mary’s, Goosnargh in 1844 and I have so far identified nine out of the alleged eleven children.

I have also uncovered a bit of a mystery after looking on the Lancashire bmd website. On 21st june 1863 it shows a Jane Wallbank [maiden name] residing at Whittingham [born at Dilworth 1834] as having an illegitimate daughter by the name of Mary Wallbank baptised at St Mary’s, Goosnargh and the father is given as Robert Wallbank. This makes me wonder as Mary [my great great grandmother] is not shown to be living with Robert on the 1861 census [could this be another one of the eleven!].The 1881 census shows Jane Wallbank now married to a Samson Beesley [They were married in 1873]and have two children of their own and also a 17 year old Mary Wallbank living with them.



Message sent by Caimein Bowyer 18 Feb 2007

WALLBANK of Cowling, Yorkshire

I have traced my family back to Ann Walbank born c1800 in Cowling. She married John Smith in 1822 in Thornton in Craven. I have no other information on Ann. Do you have any information on this family.

Thank you, Caimein

Reply from Ian Wallbank:

I am sorry but I can be of little help at the present. The study of the Wallbanks is still at an early stage and I am trying to bring together the different lines with the help of people like yourself. One thing for sure is that the Wallbank name originated close to Thornton-in-Craven before 1300. It may help if I post your enquiry onto the website for others to see. Hopefully in time the research of many will come together. The period before 1800 as you probably know is a very difficult period to research as a number of people were either not baptised, married or the ceremony was not recorded in the church records, and sometimes these records were lost. However if your source is the IGI , it is worth remembering that although the standard of transcribing is high the records are not complete. Some parishes near to Thornton are transcribed in the IGI from the 1730s, whereas the parish register starts about 1560s, others are not transcribed at all (Great Mitton , Whitewell Chapelry). It is possible that your Ann is from the “missing” parishes. When time permits I am hoping to extract the Wallbanks from these parishes.




Mesage from Geoff Marshall , 18 May 2007

Hello Caimein,

I have seen your message on the Wallbank family history website, as I have recently included my contact details and sent some information to be displayed on the site. (see here).

If you look at the family tree of possible descendants of the Walbank family of Salterforth I have submitted, it includes an Ann Walbank baptised in 1804 who was the daughter of a Joseph Walbank and Margaret Whitaker. I think she could be the Ann who married John Smith in 1822. Does this age fit anywhere near the information that you have for Ann? Are any of the family names familiar in Ann's descendants?

You will see that I have made notes about some of the Walbanks who married Smiths as one person who I was in contaxt with some years ago had come by a family tree which had Ann who married John Smith as a child of William and Grace Walbank along with a Hannah Walbank (who I believe is Ann's sister) and a Martha and Sarah Walbank who both married Smiths as well. All the marriages took place at Thornton in Craven, as did the marriages of the children of William and Grace Walbank and I think an assumption had been made that they were all brothers and sisters.

Do let me know if you think Ann baptised in 1804 at Kildwick could be you ancestor.

Geoff and Caimein have exchanged messages and now feel it is unlikely that Ann who married John Smith was the daughter of Joseph and Margaret. William and Grace would be better candidates. Further information is needed to verify whether this is where Ann links into the Walbank family tree.

Message from David Baxter 17 December 2007

It appears that Geoff Marshall of Knaresborough and Caimein Bowyer are both following the same trail, which appears to take us back to Cowling.
I am aware of certainly two Walbank/ Smith Marriages at Thornton in Craven, although my own interest is in the Walbank/ Hartley marriages.

The common factor appears to be the place of Harden, not Harden Bingley, but a small community betwixt Thornton in Craven and Lothersdale. 

Message from David Baxter 27 Octber 2010

I urge you to publish the following link, which verifies some of the hypothetical trees already posted. The Early KILDWICK Records have been digitised in three volumes and can be download FOC from this address. The Files can be searched for names with ADOBE ACROBAT READER.


The Walbank/ Dale Marriages are verified. Incidentally, I have purchased The Craven Index's CD published by Josie Walsh - There is a considerable amout of Walbank/Wallbank Data on those.

You might like to have a look at this search too - There are also a lot of Staffordshire Registers available to download.

Best Wishes

David Baxter.




Message sent by Richard Sellens 2Feb 2007

WALLBANKS in Middlesex

I am researching a Wallbanks line but having great trouble finding much information.

The information I have is that my Great(x4) Grandmother was a Margaret Wallbanks who was born in approx 1800 in All Hallows Barking, Middlesex. I know that she married a Francis Newham in 1820, but other than the census details and her death certificate I have not been able to trace anything of her parents or any possible siblings. I have attached a pdf file with the full details that I have on her in the hope that you may have come across her in your research.

Thanks Richard

Message sent by John Bibby to WALLBANK Rootsweb Mailing List 14 Jan 2007

WALLBANK of Clapham, Yorkshire

Hello all

My interest in the Wall bank family is through Ann Wallbank, born 1769 in Clapham, Yorkshire. She married Thomas Preeston, and their daughter Mary married William Bibby.

Ann was the daughter of Thomas Wallbank (1730-1797) and his second wife Mary

Hawkden. Thomas was a son of Robert Wallbank (b 1694), and had a younger brother Robert (b 1735).

Any further information on this family will be appreciated.

John Bibby
Wolverhampton, England




Derbyshire Wallbanks

From: barbry@tiscali.co.uk
Sent: 16 April 2007 13:55
To: wallbank@one-name.org
Subject: Wallbank name

Dear Ian,

I saw your entry in the latest Guild of One-Name Studies Register.Though my own research is in my father's name, Druller, I have done some work on the Furness family too.

I am intrigued. My uncle, Leonard Wallbank Furness, was born in 1900 in Great Hucklow, Derbyshire. He is known to have been named after or for someone my grandfather knew but we have never been able to trace who this was. This is a long shot but, if you should turn up anything which could solve this problem, I should be most grateful.

Ours was and is a farming family and originated in Eyam, Derbyshire before moving a few miles down the road to Great Hucklow. As far as I know my grandfather, James, did not travel far from his home at any time.

Perhaps the mystery will be solved....


With best wishes,

Barbara Winter.





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