WAL(L)BANK(s) one-name study

Jean and Ian Wallbank's family history pages



Family Trees

Over 3000 people from my Wallbank and Johnson lines and my wife's Shufflebotham and Fearn lines

key names: Wallbank, Ashley, Kelsall, Johnson, Mulliner, Pritchard, Rawlinson, Malpass, Mills, Pointon

Shufflebotham, Fearn, Hammersley, Walker, Hill, Mellard,

Most of the families originate in North Staffordshire , England (and most names still have a strong presence there).

The SHUFFLEBOTHAM's were Burgesses (Freeman) of Newcastle-under-Lyme .

I have most of the of the BMD certificates for my and my wife's direct ancestors (about 200). and other information not in the family tree. Please contact me if you have an interest. wallbank@ntlworld.com

The trees are generated by GedHTree from data in a GEDCOM file extracted from Legacy 7 genealogical programme.

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