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Shufflebotham Family History (Jean's line)

(i) Shufflebotham admissions to the Burgesses of Newcastle-under-Lyme

1734-1882 (pdf file)

1910-1998 (pdf file)

A pdf document about the Burgesses of Newcastle-under-Lyme, published by the Borough Council may be downloaded here.

The first Shufflebotham Burgess of Newcastle-under-Lyme was John Shovelbotham b. about 1697 and admitted to the Burgesses in 1718 after serving an apprenticeship to Edward MASON a feltmaker and paying the required fee, 33 shillings 4 pence. Most subsequent Shufflebotham Burgesses descended from him, by virtue of being the son of a Burgess, residing in the Borough and being of full age (> 21years) . Today there are nine living Shufflebotham Burgesses, having fulfilled the qualification conditions. However the residency qualification no longer applies.

John Shovelbotham married Ellen Mason , the daughter of John Mason, himself a Burgess and brother of John Shovelbotham's master, Edward. The line of MASON Burgesses can be traced back a further five generations to Edward MASON b. about 1550. All were feltmakers, supplying the fabric to the local hat industry.

A chart showing the descendants of John Shufflebotham including those admitted to the Burgesses of Newcastle-under-Lyme may be downloaded. from here.

Burgesses are shown in red. The date of admission to the Burgesses is shown below the name.

The chart file is in "Treedraw" format. To view, download and install the free "Treedraw Viewer from the Spansoft website:
Download free TreeDraw viewer V3.02 (1.7Mb)

Wedding of Arthur Shufflebotham & Hilda Annie Walker 1923

(Jean's grandparents)